Laughter is the best medicine of all, ne?

So that ‘State of the Colon’ was Devon…I asked him to write something earlier and finally noticed it. He wrote it between hospitals. Heh, I’m sure he’ll write more later. PBC Productions visited him and got him on video, so they’ll be sure to post it and I’ll put it up here too.

He’s off of suction and will be leaving the hospital tomorrow, Monday. As long as everything continues on the healing path that is. He said he couldn’t really blame the other hospital because no one’s been able to tell him what’s wrong with him. I guess we’re all waiting to find out together.

For some big news, we’ve raised over $2,500 for Devon! There have been over 160 people who’ve donated! These are incredible numbers! Thank you so much everyone, this is really amazing! When I got to tell Devon he was shocked. Truly stunned for all of those out there who have been so generous to help him in his time of need. He didn’t think he knew that many people, and I had to remind him of his awesomeness.

He’ll hopefully be back on the internets tomorrow, so would anyone like to help me with reminding him? Does anyone have a great story to tell? Perhaps you’ve met him in person or he made you feel something thru his performances?

I can tell you all that the first time I ever visited NYC last April, Devon took me and our friend Hex, and showed us around the city. Well, the cool places like Forbidden Comics and Tokyo Toys. He was so sweet to watch for cars and beat me to helping a street vendor who’s goods had fallen into the street! I won’t ever forget that day and Devon was such a big part of it. It was a really good time. He also taught me how long it takes to get back to where you want to go when you miss your subway stop, and that Brooklyn grocery stores close around 7pm on Saturdays…which is still a mystery to me to this very day.

Ah! And one of my favorite moments with Devon on-screen is in the PBC production of Brett and Devon: Home Alone!, when Devon gets shaving cream all over Brett! hahaha And it was edited so well…good times.

Let’s remind him together! ^_^;; What’s your story?



12 responses to “Laughter is the best medicine of all, ne?

  1. One of my favorite moments with Devon was the flashback in Captain S with Young NES and Captain S.

    That was a good one.

  2. I didn’t know that the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with him. That’s really awful, especially if this persists. I hope it never comes back.

    Get well soon, Devon. Stay positive.

  3. I just donated, I’m really glad you’re ok And I wish you the best recovery, and yes that Stitch down the center is pretty wicked! But seriously I hope everything works out ok and you’ll be up and ready for whatever the future brings.

    Safe recovery,

  4. I’ve never met Devon since I’m currently living in Hawaii which, as scientists will tell you, is pretty far from NY. Devon has made a huge impression on me through the roles he’s played for PBC, though. He’s taken some difficult roles (especially as the villain on Captain S) and done…something to them. Made them more than I think another actor would have.

    I’ve grown disgusted with major studio movies. There’s no heart in them. They never make you FEEL anything. They’re hollow. Even at their silliest (attack of the clones, anyone?) a PBC show is brimming with care and effort. When I think quality net-entertainment, I think of PBC. Because of his talent and character I’ve come to think of Devon as being the ‘face’ of PBC.

    Get well soon, Devon

  5. The people of PBC Productions have a passion for both film, gaming, and people. Devon has always been a major part of that. I’ve never had the chance to meet him, but I believe that all kinds of PBC fans that watch the Captain S series and – especially – the filler fridays wind up feeling as if Devon is a friend rather than just some guy trying to make videos on the internet.

    He just seems like one of those people that you would be able to walk up to and say “Hey! It’s NES!!!” like a total freak and he’d be genuine while talking with you, instead of being like, “Um, yeah… thanks for watching the show and being a fan… *sneaks away*”

    Besides, there are now TWO things I know of that make him absolutely awesome: 1 – look at that belly scar – that’s hardcore, and 2 – he’s the only being in all of creation that’s ever made me say “Oh SNAP! He’s got a Power Glove – watch out!!!” Truly genious.

    Get well soon, Dev.


  6. Hang in there, compadre.

  7. What’s the total damage?

  8. Wow…it’s on the very brink of $3,000! O.o He’s going to flip…

  9. More often than not one of the first things I think of when Devon crosses my mind are the pictures from Undisclosed Location and his mask marks. Not sure -why-, I just do.

    I got to meet Devon at MAG and so have the pleasure of having seen his humor and influences as an actor and as himself. I think we even had a split second camera-to-camera battle that I have no doubt he won.

    I guess what’s surprising is finding out how many people pay attention and are impacted by you. I certainly fall into the category of “some person I -might- recognize by face if I saw again, but chances are slim”, but with as many people as Devon seems to reach, I’m not surprised that’s an overwhelming list to try to keep track of.

    Heal fast and well, Devon, we’re all looking forward to seeing you back on your feet (or wherever your antics carry you).

  10. Loved when Devon first came out as nes he looked so coool with the power glove on and with the scar he can play like a bad guy like the snes is in his stomach lol that be aawesome get better soon man.

  11. devon is the man. he rocks the mega. he dominates captain s. he powergloves.

    get well soony!

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