Earthbound Magnets!

Jess said that she didn’t have any money to donate but still wanted to help out. So she’s put up her magnets for sale with the profits going to Devon. Here’s the link:

Anyone interested?

Jess’s EarthBound Magnets


3 responses to “Earthbound Magnets!

  1. I’m high bidder! Fuck anybody else who trys to win! I WANT!!

    Also, Steph, you should get some kind of graph or something showing total donations for the lil’ bastard.
    I gotta visit soon. I miss him.

  2. Glad your competitive spirit is so high! ^_^

    Hmm…if I knew how to implement that into the blog I’d give it a go. I fumble around for it and see what I can do with the graph idea.

    I miss him too Joe…he said he’d see me in a few weeks, so if he’s well enough he might make his way home from Middletown…? But otherwise he’s going to be there. And I just moved here! *sob* I wanted to cook for him…now I won’t know what I can feed him until they figure things out. Poo.

  3. Alright, we all know about Devon’s situation over at, now it is time to give back and kick some ass. At the next NAVA meeting (March 29th, see for details) there will be a Brawl tournament! The entry fee is 10 dollars and it will be 1v1, the winner will get assorted items from my collection including a portable TV to brawl on the go. Signups will occur around 5 PM at the event and all proceeds will go to the love for Devon fund. If you can please come out to help someone in need.

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