Dermis Be Damned; I’m Sticking Something in There

Now, I’ve my fair share of orifices, but this new one is a mite disconcerting. You see, I’ve run into something of a post-surgical complication. A hematoma, below my naval, caused a portion of my stitching to open up. So, what the golf ball sized hole in my abdomen is trying to tell you, is that I’ll need a few weeks of extra recovery time. While doing everything in my power to get back up to fighting form, the only question that remains is whether to use my new found abdominal chasm to house a Tamagotchi, or a Krang figure.

I’m thinking Krang figure.


16 responses to “Dermis Be Damned; I’m Sticking Something in There

  1. 2nd vote for the Krang figure, buddy!

  2. Krang would be pretty amazing. Just be wary your flesh doesn’t fuse with it…otherwise you’ll have to make like that giant robot he had in the cartoon and start wearing bright red underwear on the outside all the time and those goofy looking 80’s glasses. Maybe even stick that tuning fork on your head.

    Actually….that might be pretty rad.

    Seriously though! Get well soon!

  3. I do with crang, unless you want to be creative and place a rad looking gem in it so people thinking you are “hardcore” with piercing.

  4. I think thatwould make him look more like a Troll doll than “hardcore.”

    Maybe a hardcore Troll.

  5. Id say tamagatchi that way when your bored you can play with yourself XD that came out wrong

  6. Now, I’m all for reinventing your self, but Devon, for the love of god, don’t become the next goatsee.

  7. Wow. One thing that I love even more about you than playing on Captain S, it being the middle of this situation and still being able to crack jokes. There is nothing greater than this to cure mental wounds. What I’m getting at is that I’ve been stressing constantly on a movie I’m working on with a few friends of mine that is going to be released soon and sometimes depression has kicked in. Of course I like to come on here from time to time to see how you’re doing and gosh your posts really brighten our days.

    Viva La Nes!.. (or SNes now?)

  8. When you say Krang you mean that just alien brain thing or that robot he rides in? πŸ˜›

  9. Jordan "AngelHalo" Huskey

    This may seem a bit off topic (mainly due to me not having enough knowledge about surgical procedures), but I hope you get better soon. I’ve donated $15 that I was originally going to spend towards a Sega Saturn Display Cabinet, but then I heard of this and decided to donate it to you instead. I hope you get better soon, Davon, as I am looking forward to your role in the future episodes of Captain S. =)

  10. No matter what you choose, post pictures.
    I fully support you housing Krang in your stomach. Then we’d have to shave your head and give you some fucked up 3D glasses and put you in a diaper.

  11. There’s not much to say, only that I agree 100% that housing Krang there would be absolutely awesome! Or maybe it would be a nice residence for one of your little clones πŸ˜‰
    On a slightly more serious attitude, I really admire how you keep that positive attitude in a situation like this. A lot of people would just transform into a big pile of self pity, if they were put into your place.

  12. please do your best and I as a fan of yours would say take good care and drink lots of water and i wish you won’t in this because i was so hoping and wishing you guys could come to animenext in june

  13. Evil Monkey aka eric

    Get well man, we are all rooting for you! PS. You kick ass!

  14. Definitely love the Krang idea. But how about something more practical, like a flashlight sticking out? You never know when you need one πŸ˜‰

    The best of wishes to you man, get well soon!

  15. Krang is the perfect idea. Plus I think you have plenty of Foot Soldiers at your disposal.

  16. Gutmonger how would he change the batteries XD

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