Things are Lookin Up!

Hey everyone!

The Brawl Tournament at NAVA was a raving success! Will, from the Digital Press Forum, was the winner and won a new tv with a slew of prizes in the mystery box. Check out the video made my Press Start from to see how it all went down.  Also, it raised $119 for Devon! Woo!

Devon’s feeling a lot better now. He realizes his future will be brighter thanks to all of his friends and fans. So, he’s asking for no more donations. I’ve taken down the link at his request. Thank you all for your support! We’re still gunna update this site with his condition so there will be no end to the fun Devon lovin goin on. ^_^


5 responses to “Things are Lookin Up!

  1. WOW!! We raised alot didn’t we? well NAVA was alot of fun as always, chillin’ with the PBC crew, talking to Chad about how Sonic has gone downhill (haha) and playing Brawl with Darrin! (Brett was in the back watching all these funny ass vids)

    it’s nice to here your doing better buddy, hopefully we shall see ya at NAVA again someday!

  2. Awesome, get well soon Devon!

  3. Good to hear you’re feeling better. Just being curious, how much was raised altogether over the time?

  4. Devon I’m glad that things are going good for you and I look forward to the next time we can hang out, cause I am ROOONNNAAACCCKKKK!

  5. Jordan "AngelHalo" Huskey

    Great to see that Devon is getting better. I’m glad to have donated my money for him.

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