About Mr. Devon Riley

Sometimes it’s best to call him Mr. so anyone who doesn’t know him and hears his name doesn’t think he’s a girl.

He just turned 21 last month.

He’s NES.

He likes Vietnamese food, apparently.

What do you know about him?


12 responses to “About Mr. Devon Riley

  1. Devon loves sleeping with me.

  2. Devon has had his picture taken with the “Welcome to Weiner” sign in Weiner, Arkansas.

  3. Larry Coetzee

    Get well soon mate best wish’s from scotland

  4. Devon is spanish

  5. He kicks rear in every aspect of life.

  6. Um… he’s awesome. Isn’t that a complete given, though?

  7. that guy is hilarious i wish i wasnt broke or i would donate a few bucks that really sucks something must be done about the health care system really you guys should put a counter on the website saying how much money has been raised and what the goal is

  8. Alexander "Newfarmy"

    Hi Devon!
    I hope you get better soon!
    Best wishes from Germany


  9. my little Rupert Everett is sick 😦 (now this sounded creepy lol )

  10. Devon loves Pancakes I hope and plays an amazing character that deserves more fanservice

  11. hey, i love captain S, i would really like it though if my site gets put up as a supporter, i made a topic on it for supporting devon


  12. He gives GREAT head.

    I mean, hugs. Great hugs.

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