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Things are Lookin Up!

Hey everyone!

The Brawl Tournament at NAVA was a raving success! Will, from the Digital Press Forum, was the winner and won a new tv with a slew of prizes in the mystery box. Check out the video made my Press Start from to see how it all went down.  Also, it raised $119 for Devon! Woo!

Devon’s feeling a lot better now. He realizes his future will be brighter thanks to all of his friends and fans. So, he’s asking for no more donations. I’ve taken down the link at his request. Thank you all for your support! We’re still gunna update this site with his condition so there will be no end to the fun Devon lovin goin on. ^_^


Brawl For Devon!

As many have already heard, there will be a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament going on at the next NAVA (North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados) meeting, graciously set up by Coldguy. What’s NAVA? “I was told it was a party where people come and play/trade games.” It’s over at the Digital Press Videogames Store.

When: Saturday, March 29th, noon to midnight.
Where: Digital Press Videogames:
What: Gaming, trading, tournaments, big prizes!

The Brawl Tournament sign-ups start around 5pm. It’s a $10 buy-in, but all the proceeds go to the Love For Devon fund. It’s a 1 vs 1 style with hopes of a full 32+ participant tourney running on two Wii systems. Or maybe…the rules keep changing…but that’s pretty accurate. Check out for more info. Special thanks to Coldguy and Joe Santulli!

I’ll be there! Will you??

Steph ^_^;;

Pimp Devon’s Body!

Pimp Devon’s Body

By Flik

Anyone else got some mad Photoshoppin’ skillz?

Earthbound Magnets!

Jess said that she didn’t have any money to donate but still wanted to help out. So she’s put up her magnets for sale with the profits going to Devon. Here’s the link:

Anyone interested?

Jess’s EarthBound Magnets

Get Well, Devon!

Brought to you by PBC Productions

Laughter is the best medicine of all, ne?

So that ‘State of the Colon’ was Devon…I asked him to write something earlier and finally noticed it. He wrote it between hospitals. Heh, I’m sure he’ll write more later. PBC Productions visited him and got him on video, so they’ll be sure to post it and I’ll put it up here too.

He’s off of suction and will be leaving the hospital tomorrow, Monday. As long as everything continues on the healing path that is. He said he couldn’t really blame the other hospital because no one’s been able to tell him what’s wrong with him. I guess we’re all waiting to find out together.

For some big news, we’ve raised over $2,500 for Devon! There have been over 160 people who’ve donated! These are incredible numbers! Thank you so much everyone, this is really amazing! When I got to tell Devon he was shocked. Truly stunned for all of those out there who have been so generous to help him in his time of need. He didn’t think he knew that many people, and I had to remind him of his awesomeness.

He’ll hopefully be back on the internets tomorrow, so would anyone like to help me with reminding him? Does anyone have a great story to tell? Perhaps you’ve met him in person or he made you feel something thru his performances?

I can tell you all that the first time I ever visited NYC last April, Devon took me and our friend Hex, and showed us around the city. Well, the cool places like Forbidden Comics and Tokyo Toys. He was so sweet to watch for cars and beat me to helping a street vendor who’s goods had fallen into the street! I won’t ever forget that day and Devon was such a big part of it. It was a really good time. He also taught me how long it takes to get back to where you want to go when you miss your subway stop, and that Brooklyn grocery stores close around 7pm on Saturdays…which is still a mystery to me to this very day.

Ah! And one of my favorite moments with Devon on-screen is in the PBC production of Brett and Devon: Home Alone!, when Devon gets shaving cream all over Brett! hahaha And it was edited so well…good times.

Let’s remind him together! ^_^;; What’s your story?



Hey all!Thank you all so much for all of your donations and comments! He wants to thank all of you and tell you you’re beautiful!

He’s gone upstate (NY) to see a specialist, but then had a relapse. So he’s in another hospital with his fourth intestinal blockage. He’s going to be there another couple of days, so it’ll be a bit longer until we can hear from him online.

He mentioned that the previous hospital should’ve kept him on a liquid diet, so I’m thinking that he can make an issue of it with them and cut costs…or more. He doesn’t need anymore surgery tho, so that’s a relief, but he’s back on suction…and that still sucks. heh.

Please keep sending your warm wishes and keep him in your thoughts. This is the best help that any of us can give him right now.

Thank you so much!

Take care,